Greg Dougherty

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Sep 2016

Foursquare place ratings

There are many factors that go into a place’s rating on Foursquare, including it’s location, number of tips, number of times it’s been saved, etc. We collected feedback and heard in user research sessions that the number of signals Foursquare uses to calculate a rating (along with our rating system being 1-10, instead of 1-5 - like many competitors) were great, but potentially causing a bit of confusion.

We wanted to be a bit more transparent regarding what goes into a Foursquare place’s rating, so I worked to create explanatory place rating cards. One of the bigger challenges here was provinding transparency into a place’s rating, but being careful not to give away all of the “secret sauce,” which makes Foursquare’s ratings unique.

Changing color schemes based on a place's number rating

A sliding scale to provide more transparency around the Foursquare rating color system

Animating the rating card, sliding scale, and graphs

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