Greg Dougherty

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Jun 2016

Foursquare tip voting

The introduction of tip voting allowed any Foursquare user to upvote or downvote a tip (also known on other websites as a “review”) to indicate whether or not it was helpful. Before tip voting, you were able to “like” a tip, but over time, we’d heard a lot of feedback that people also wanted to be able to “dislike” a tip as well.

The end result shown below also included changing up the tip hierarchy to prioritize some of the elements we thought were most important for a tip. Additionally, one of the visual design goals was to provide equal weight to both the positive and negative (upvote and downvote) action buttons.

A Foursquare tip before (left) and after (right) introducing tip voting

A few different states, accounting for different types of Foursquare tips

Someone else's tip (left) and your own tip (right) on iOS

Someone else's tip (left) and your own tip (right) on Android

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