Skip Tunes for macOS

A macOS app which allows you to control iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify, so you can advance songs (using your Mac’s Menu Bar) faster.

Skip Tunes attached and expanded (left) and detached from menu bar (right)

  • Role
    UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping
  • Platform
  • Shipped
    2012 - 2016


Skip Tunes was a personal side project I worked on from 2012-2016. I was frustrated with some of the current solutions available that let you control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio from your Mac’s menu bar, so I designed my own. I then worked with a few macOS developers to bring the app to life and released it as a paid app in the Mac App Store in 2012.

I really loved this app (and still do!), but I ended up selling it in 2016 because I couldn’t dedicate the time it needed for regular maintenance and bug fixes.

I was responsible for all the visual design, created the marketing website, got a bunch of press coverage (a few here: Macworld, Cult of Mac, and Lifehacker), created marketing assets, and did a bunch of other things to help make it a success.

Shipped Designs

The last verison I designed (v3.1) continued to iterat off of the original idea. Album artwork always provided a nice canvas, but I always also liked the idea of keeping the visual design feel native to macOS.

Skip Tunes attached and expanded (left) and detached from menu bar (right)

Default (left), pressed (center), and active (right) menu bar states for light and dark menu bars

Preferences available in Skip Tunes


I was always proud to continue to evolve Skip Tunes. It was always meant to be just a simple helper app.

Release history (v1.0 to v3.1) for Skip Tunes